Galactic Instigator is a retro inspired side scrolling shooting game. Battle your way through groups of enemy spaceships, turrets [...]
Survive as long as possible and get a huge score along the way


You are a renowned explorer who has discovered a mysterious temple filled with shiny gems and deadly traps. You must navigate thro [...]
Use your jetpack to reach the treasure chest as quickly as possible while avoiding hazards along the way.


Use your quick reactions to save the king and queen
Build towers and attack the enemy by clicking on groups of like coloured wizard blocks


Control your spaceship and activate all the space crystals as quickly as possible.
Collect all the gems and escape the mine

RPG / Strategy

Take over all the buildings by sending your troops to enemy buildings
Build towers and recruit soldiers to hold back waves of zombies


Race around the grand prix tracks and earn upgrades for your car
Race against opponents in an off road truck